Quarter 1–Week 8: All Drama Classes

Drama 3: Why_So_Emotional

Drama 2: DTA-ITM-LabanQualitiesOfMovement

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaDrama
Grade Level6th, 7th and 8th
Week #Week 8: October 2-6, 2017
Unit of InstructionCritique and Feedback Drama 1; beginning Laban for Drama 2; Using emotions for Drama 3
Standard(s) Taught

Week 8: Big Idea: Critical Thinking and Reflection; Enduring Understanding 2: Assessing our own and others’ artistic work, using critical-thinking, problem solving, and decision-making skills, is critical to artistic growth. TH.68.C.2.1: Use group-generated criteria to critique others and help strengthen each other’s performance. 

Week 9: Big Idea: Critical Thinking and Reflection; Enduring Understanding 1: Cognition and reflection are required to appreciate, interpret, and create with artistic intent. TH.68.C.1.4: Create and present a design, production concept, or performance and defend artistic choices.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Drama 1: Going deeper into the positive nature of Feedback/critique. Students will focus on what the audience sees when viewing their monologues.

Drama 2: Characterizations–Using Laban to enhance your monologue Students will lean basic Laban to enhance movement in monologues. 

Drama 3: Using emotions in your monologues. Students will ramp up their monologues using emotions.

Classroom Activities
Assignments Due

Monologues due on Thursday and Friday–All Classes–for a grade.

     5 points each on the following points: Memorization, Characterization, Blocking (Movement), Voice (Projection/Diction) and Overall quality of the monologue performance. Total points: 25 

Potential 2 extra credit point for using a slate. 

Additional Resources