Quarter 1: Week 2: Theater 2/3 (Periods 1 & 5)

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaTheater 2/3
Grade Level7th & 8th grades
Week #Week 2: August 20-25, 2018
Unit of InstructionCreativity Mind Map; Beginning Scene Work; Characterization from outside to inside
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will begin thinking about their own approach to creativity.

Students will begin work on scenes with a small group.

Students will explore building a character from the outside to the inside (Physical choices to help establish showing a personality).

Classroom Activities


  1. Warm-Up Activity: Student led
  2. Assignment Given: Creativity Mind Map 
  3. Review and Improvement of Simple Pantomime. (Graded)
  4. Large Group Games: Ensemble
  5. Exit Ticket: Critique of one simple pantomime seen today


  1. Warm up activity: Student led
  2. Review Positive Rewards and Group Points System
  3. Random Selection of Small Group for First Scene
  4. Large Group Game: Ensemble
  5. Exit Ticket: Likes/Dislikes


  1. Warm-Up Activity: Student led
  2. Small Group Activity: Choose Modern Scene for your group
  3. Small Group Activity: Begin Rehearsal of Scene
  4. Blocking: some things to think about with Worksheet
  5. Large Group Game: Ensemble
  6. Exit Ticket: Ensemble-How do we achieve it?
Assignments Due

Monday/Tuesday: Graded Simple Pantomime; Exit Ticket

Wednesday; Exit Ticket

Thursday/Friday: Blocking Worksheet;  Exit Ticket

Additional Resources

NOTE: Journal Entries/discussion, Exit Tickets and warm up activities go toward the overall Class Participation Grade. If those items are not completed in class it will negatively effect the student’s grade. Likewise participation in all Large and Small Group activities goes toward overall Class Participation Grade. These are Formative activities that count 40 % toward the Theater grade. If a student does not finish their in class written assignments such as Journal Entry or Exit Ticket, they may take it home to finish and turn in during the next theater class. If a student needs extra assistance, please talk to Mrs. Stewart for alternative assignments.

NOTE: Graded performances generally are Summative grades and will count 60% toward the overall Theater grade. Performances are important in the Drama classroom, but Alternative assignments are available if needed.