Quarter 1: Week 5: Theatre 1 (Period 2, 4, & 6)

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaTheater
Grade Level6th, 7th and 8th
Week #Week 5: Sept. 10-15, 2018
Unit of InstructionMonologues, Character development, Actors tools
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will understand the 3 actors tools (body, voice and mind) and practice each one using their monologues.

Students will use movement to show characterization.

Students will use voice to show characterization.



Classroom Activities


  1. Journal: Using the pictures, create a monologue for the pictured character.
  2. Vocal Warm up with Projection
  3. Changing voice game–Good Morning Your Majesty
  4. Finding Monologue, copying and beginning to memorize.
  5. What makes a “good” monologue? (discussion)
  6. Putting away costumes and props used in scenes.
  7. Make up performance for any who missed performance date.
  8. Exit Ticket: How does a change in voice assist in characterization?


  1. Journal: In what way are you planning on using your voice and movement to show the character in your monologue?
  2. Retake Areas of the Stage quiz
  3. Discuss and work on various ways of memorization
  4. Ensemble Building Game


  1. Journal: How do you memorize? What works? What doesn’t work? 
  2. Vocal Warm Up with projection
  3. Rehearse Monologues
  4. Building a character from the outside-in using movement.
  5. Ensemble Building Game
  6. Exit Ticket: describe one thing you saw today that clearly showed characterization. 
Assignments Due

Monday/Tuesday: Journal Entry, exit ticket

Wednesday: Journal entry, Retake of quiz, 

Thursday/Fridays: Journal entry, rehearsal of Monologue, exit ticket

Additional Resources