Peter Pan Scenic Breakdown (who is in which scene)

Scene 1: song: Neverland (Full Cast)

Scene 2: Darling Family: Wendy, John, Michael, Mr. & Mrs. Darling, Nana, Liza, and Peter Pan, Tinkerbell Light Effect needed      Songs: Tender Shepherd and I’m Flying

Scene 3: Neverland: All Lost Boys; All Pirates including Hook and Smee; All Brave Girls including Tiger Lily; Peter Pan, Wendy, Michael, John, Tinkerbell Light Effect needed                 Songs: Pirate March; Hook’s Tango; Brave Girl Dance; Wendy; Hook’s Tarantella

Scene 4: Neverland the next day; All Lost Boys; Peter, John, Michael, All Pirates, Tiger Lily, Wendy?       Songs: I won’t grow up

Scene 5: The Home March; Wendy, Tinkerbell Light Effect needed, Peter Pan, All Brave Girls, Tiger Lily, All Lost Boys, Michael, John and All Pirates including Hook and Smee            Songs: Ugh-A-Wug; Distant Melody

Scene 6: The Pirate Ship: Hook, Smee, All Pirates, All Lost Boys, Wendy, John, Michael, All Brave Girls, Tiger Lily, Crocodile     Songs: Hook’s Waltz; I Gotta Crow

Scene 7: Darling Home: Mrs. Darling, Mr. Darling, Nana, Liza, Wendy, Michael, John, All Lost Boys

Finale: Whole Cast!!