Quarter 3: Week 5 February 3-7 and Week 6 February 10-14–Theatre 2/3 (Period 1 and 5)

TeacherDarlene Stewart
Subject AreaM/J Theatre 2/3
Grade Level7th and 8th grade
Week #Week 5: February 3-7 and Week 6: February 10-14
Unit of InstructionScene Work using Pulitzer Award Plays AND beginning Shakespeare duet scenes
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
Classroom Activities

Week–Feb. 3 through end of quarter:

Students will select their own partner for a modern scene. Using the script analysis they have been working on, students will learn the scene and prepare it for performance.

Mrs. Stewart will select a duet Shakespearean scene for students. Through class activities and prior work on script analysis, students will prepare their Shakespearean scene for performance.  


Assignments Due

Character Worksheets for both scenes.

Graded Rehearsals.

Shakespeare Activities. 

Additional Resources