The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe Cast and Crew List

Thank you everyone who auditioned! 

The casting decisions were very difficult due to the quality and quantity of students auditioning. Therefore I have decided to double cast the play. The two casts will be “Snowflakes” and “Icicles.” An updated rehearsal schedule will be posted by Wednesday, August 30, 2017. 

Our first rehearsal and parent meeting is on Wednesday, August 30, 2017. Rehearsal will run from 2:45 to 5:00 pm. The parent meeting will run from 5:00 to 5:30 pm. All cast and crew are asked to attend the first rehearsal. Information about rehearsal schedule, t-shirts, program, work days, etc. will be available during the parent meeting. 

If a student doesn’t want to accept a role in which they were cast or missed the auditions for some reason, please email me at

Thank you and I look forward to a wonderful play.

Click on the Link to download the cast list: Cast and Crew Lion Witch and Wardrobe 2017