Q3W9 March 4-8, 2019 Regular MATH

This week, students will learn about angles: supplementary (measures total 180 degrees), complementary (measures total 90 degrees), adjacent (next to), and vertical (across from with equal measures).  They will use one and two-step equations to determine the measures of angles that are supplementary or complementary to others.  They will learn new circle circumference and area formulas using Pi, as well as review perimeter and area formulas for triangles and other 2-dimensional shapes.  

I will be using Study.com videos to help teach these concepts.  Students will be provided with close (fill-in the blank) notes/transcripts of videos for the purpose of studying vocabulary and concepts for tests.  For each lesson, I will check for understanding with questions (whiteboard responses) and quizzes, which will be recorded in grade book.  Additional practice will be assigned on Math Space and with printed Study.com worksheets.  Notice of assignments will be posted on Remind and can also be found in student planners, as I post assignments and homework on the whiteboard for students to copy into their planners daily.