October 16-20, 2017

TeacherMelissa Forney
Grade Level7th
Week #10
Unit of InstructionSpelling, Vocabulary, Reading, Writing, Listening, Acting, and Speaking
Standard(s) Taught

LAFS.7.RL.2.4, LAFS.7.RI.2.4,  Determine the meaning of words in text

LAFS.7.W.1.2d, LAFS.7.W.1.3d Use precise language and vocabulary

LAFS.7.SL.1.1, LAFS.7.SL.1.1 Participate in discussions, come prepared to discuss after reading

LAFS.7.SL.1.1b Follow the rules of speaking and listening in a group

Cite several pieces of textual evidence to support analysis of what the text says

Provide an objective summary of the text.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

My students will learn to discuss important topics and listen to others discuss.

My students will learn to read silently looking for key details and reasons.

My students will learn to find evidence in the texts they read and write.

My students will practice reading aloud and comprehend what they have read.

My students will learn new words, definitions, and spellings.

My students will complete several THINK CERCA assignments with a passing score of 80% or higher.

My students will read reader’s theater, play different roles, and answer questions to prove they have found and understand key details and reasons. 

My students will write an essay based on evidence in several texts and videos.

Classroom Activities
  1. We will engage in Town Hall Meetings most days at the beginning of class..
  2. We will read reader’s theater plays from the book, Writing Camp.
  3. We will learn spelling and vocabulary words and take a test on them on Friday.
  4. We will read selections from Think Cerca.
  5. We will write an essay based on evidence from several texts.
Assignments Due

1. conniption – a spontaneous outburst of anger, irritation, or frustration
2. dinky –  tiny
3. ogre –  a monster
4. gadzooks! –  an exclamation of surprise
5. diverse  – lots of variety
6. digital  – electronic devises that store information
7. panoramic  – a wide sweeping view
8. depicts  – shows
9. apparatus – technical equipment or machinery
10. dispatched – sent out
11. zip line – a strong cable with harnesses and pulleys that people ride for fun
12. flannel –  brushed cotton cloth
13. centennial – a 100th anniversary
14. historically accurate –  peoples’ customs, dress, and artifacts during a specific era                  15. spitballs – an illegal pitch made with a ball moistened with saliva or goo

Additional Resources

Monday – Short Town Hall Meeting, essay writing, essay checklist, descriptive writing, reading
HOMEWORK – Read aloud “Google Lets You Zip Through the Amazon Jungle” to your parent.
Parent should sign. Study spelling and vocabulary. Read for 20 minutes before bed.
Tuesday – Essay writing, essay checklist, descriptive writing, reading
HOMEWORK – Read aloud “Monster Details” to your parent. Parent should sign. Read 20 minutes.                                                                                                                                     Wednesday – Independent reading, spelling and vocabulary, class discussion, reading
Review Spelling and Vocabulary, essay writing, using multiple cites, filling paragraphs with details
HOMEWORK – Read “World War 1 Baseball Game” to your parent. Parent should sign.
Read 20 minutes. Study vocabulary and spelling.
Thursday – Short Town Hall Meeting, essay writing, citing, Review Spelling and Vocabulary
HOMEWORK – Write Spelling Words 10x each. (If you got 100% on both spelling and vocabulary on last week’s tests, you don’t have to write the words.) Study vocabulary definitions! Parents should sign.                                                                                                        Friday – SPELLING AND VOCABULARY TEST