ELA – October 16-20, 2017

TeacherHeather Baker
Subject AreaEnglish Language Arts
Grade Level7
Week #Q2 - Week 9
Unit of InstructionScholastic Scope - The Language Arts Magazine
Standard(s) Taught

Nonfiction Elements
Central Ideas and Details
Tone, Text Feature, and Form
Text Evidence, Text Structures, and Inference
Close Reading and Critical Thinking

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

 – Students will understand text structure, author’s purpose, and word choice.
 – Students will discuss text key ideas and details.
 – Students will synthesize figurative language, text structure, text features, tone, and author’s craft.
 – Students will review mood and inferences.
 – Students will evaluate arguments, support arguments, and pull from the text central ideas and details.
 – Students will review conventions of standard English.
 – Students will pull text evidence.
 – Students will interpret visual text.

Classroom Activities

Monday, October 16 – 
Grammar’s Ghost Ship – Queen Mary
Story – “Our World Turned to Water” – Louisiana Flood of 2016

Tuesday, October 17 – 
Paired Texts:  “The History of Teeth”
Drama, The Monkey’s Paw 

Wednesday, October 18 – 
Article, “Should Fidget Spinners be Allowed at School?” Debate.
Article, “Can the Desert Tortoise be Saved?”

Thursday, October 19 & Friday, October 20 – 
Article, “Doust Goes to China.”  How Dunkin’ Donuts changed its menu for its stores in China.
Article, “Your Life Story.”  Students will use a timeline to create their own, “life story” timeline in the form of an infographic, slideshow, or video.

Assignments Due

Friday, October 20 – Students must bring a novel, of choice, to class.  

Please note:  Students do not have an outside reading assignment or vocabulary this week. 🙂

Additional Resources