Q2, W7: December 2nd – 6th

TeacherFelicia Taylor
Subject AreaIntensive Math
Grade Level6th
Week #16
Unit of InstructionFocus 3: Ratios and Rates
Standard(s) Taught


Understand the concept of a unit rate a/b associated with a ration a:b with b not equal to 0, and use rate language in the context of a ratio relationship.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students are successful when they can:

  • understand rate as a ratio that compares two quantities with different units of measure.
  • understand that unit rates are the ratio of two measurements or quantities in which the second term means “one” such as 60 miles per one hour.
  • interpret rate language with the @ symbol or with the words perĀ  and/or each.
  • recognize a ratio written as a unit rate, explain a unit rate, and give an example of a unit rate.
  • convert a given ratio to a unit rate.
  • given a ratio, identify the associated rate, and identify the unit rate and the rate unit.
  • given a rate, find ratios associated with the rate, where the second term is one and a ratio where both terms are whole numbers.
  • recognize that all ratios associated to a given rate are equivalent because they have the same value.
Classroom Activities

Monday (3rd Period) / Tuesday (6th Period)

  1. Worksheet – Identify the correct rate
  2. Quizizz – Rates and Ratios
  3. Scavenger Hunt – Rates

Wednesday (3rd & 6th Periods) – Early Release Day (40 minute class)

  1. Worksheet – Unit Rates

Thursday (3rd Period) / Friday (6th Period)

  1. i-Ready Online Assignments.
Assignments Due




All Worksheets, Quizizz assignments and i-Ready Online Assignment Quizzes will be graded.

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