Quarter 2, Week 7: November 27th – December 1st

TeacherFelicia Taylor
Subject AreaIntensive Math
Grade Level6th
Week #16
Unit of InstructionFocus 2: Measurement and Data
Standard(s) Taught


Recognize a statistical question as one that anticipates variability in the data related to the question and accounts for it in the answers.


Understand that a set of data collected to answer a statistical question has a distribution which can be described by its center, spread, and overall shape.


Recognize that a measure of center for a numerical data set summarizes all of its values with a single number, while a measure of variation describes how its values vary with a single number.


Display numerical data in plots on a number line, including dot plots, histograms, and box plots.


Summarize numerical data sets in relation to their context, such as by:

a) Reporting the number of observations.

b) Describing the nature of the attribute under investigation, including how it was measured and its units of measurement.

c) Giving quantitative measures of center (median and/or mean) and variability (interquartile range and/or mean absolute deviation), as well as describing any overall pattern and any striking deviations from the overall pattern with reference to the context in which the data were gathered.

d) Relating the choice of measures of center and variability to the shape of the data distribution and the context in which the data were gathered.


Understand the concept of a ratio and use ratio language to describe a ratio relationship between two quantities.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria
  • Develop understanding of statistical variability
  • Summarize and describe distributions
Classroom Activities


Review different types of statistical problems to prepare for DIA on Friday, December 1st.

Wednesday (Early Release Day – Short Class Period)

Instruction on ratios.  Standard: MAFS.6.RP.1.1



  1. R.1 Write a ratio


Continue working on IXL.  Students will be asked to work until a SmartScore of 100 is achieved on the following:

  1. R.1 Write a ratio
Assignments Due





  1. R.1 Write a ratio – due Thursday, November 30th
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