Q4, W4: April 15th – 19th

TeacherFelicia Taylor
Subject AreaIntensive Math
Grade Level6th
Week #32
Unit of InstructionFocus 8: Geometry
Standard(s) Taught


Represent three-dimensional figures using nets made up of rectangles and triangles, and use the nets to find the surface area of these figures. Apply these techniques in the context of solving real-world and mathematical problems.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students are successful when they can…

  • use a model to determine surface area.
  • understand how two-dimensional figures relate to surface area of three-dimensional figures.
  • solve real-world and mathematical problems involving surface area.
Classroom Activities


  1. Finish missing IXL and MathSpace assignments for Mrs. Hymes
  2. IXL – Geometry
    1. FF.15 Surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms
  3. Complete 1-2 pages of Math Olympics (review for FSA)


  1. Finish IXL from Monday
  2. Complete 1 page of Math Olympics (review for FSA)


  1. i-Ready Diagnostic
  2. i-Ready Online Lesson Instruction Log – complete for 2 lessons
  3. Finish any missing work for Intensive Math and/or Mrs. Hymes
Assignments Due




  1. FF.15 – Surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms
Additional Resources

All IEP accommodations will be provided each class.