ELA Week of 2/12/18

TeacherAlison Weaver
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level6th
Week #2/12/18-2/16/18
Unit of InstructionQuarter 3, Week 6
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Student will analyze poetry.

Students will identify figurative language in poetry.

Student will identify elements of a sonnet.

Students will write a sonnet.

Students will identify the task, purpose, and audience in a writing prompt.


Classroom Activities


-The Basics student paced Near Pod station on the computer

Students will learn about sonnet and what makes a sonnet.

-Analyzing Poetry (Sonnets) teacher station using Near Pod live

We will analyze Sonnet 18 by William Shakespeare 


-Brainstorming page for response to conversation hearts letter.

-Sonnet practice student paced Near Pod station on the computer

-Task Cards to analyze Sonnet 18


-Conversation hearts letter response using brainstorming page.

-D.E.A.R Time

Students must have their required book in class.  The book should be finished by 2/28.  Students are given one block on Wednesday to read.  The book report (questions about their book) will be given during class on 2/28.


Students will compose their own sonnet and visual representation of the sonnet.


FSA Writing Prep

-Thesis/Topic Near Pod lesson 

-Analyze prompts for task, purpose, and audience. Write thesis statements.

-ICE strategy practice for informative writing 

Assignments Due

Sonnet on Thursday


Additional Resources

Please contact the teacher for Near Pod codes and worksheets for the sonnet if your child is out.