ELA Week of 2/18/18

TeacherAlison Weaver
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level6th
Week #2/19/18-2/23/18
Unit of InstructionQuarter 3, Week 7
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will identify thesis statements and topic sentences.

Students will create thesis statements.

Students will evaluate sources.

Students will elaborate on what a text says.

Students will cite text evidence.

Students will write an informative essay.

Classroom Activities


Students will identify the task, audience, and purpose in an informative writing prompt.  

Students will read informational text to identify evidence to use in their informative essay about the Everglades or Video Games.

Students will plan their writing and then write a rough draft of their essay.


Students will finish their essay.

Students will read during one block on Wednesday for D.E.A.R.  The book should be finished before class on 2/28.  Students will be answering questions about the book read during class on 2/28.  


Students will evaluate their own writing using the FSA rubric and revise where needed.


Students will type their final essay.

Assignments Due

Final essay due on Friday

Additional Resources