ELA Week of 2/5/18

Theme in Fairy Tales

TeacherAlison Weaver
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level6th
Week #2/5/18-2/9/18
Unit of InstructionQuarter 3, Week 5
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students will use specific details to draw conclusions about characters and identify how they change during the course of a story.

Students will use specific details to explain plot development.

Students will determine the theme of a story.

Students will summarize the text.

Classroom Activities


We will read Yeh-Shen in class.  Students will create a plot diagram while they read.  Students will identify the theme of the text.


Students will complete rotations.  We will analyze the text as a group.  Students will write a summary and begin creating their own Fairy Tale following the ABC Cinderella directions and example.  


Students will finish their Fairy Tales and read for D.E.A.R.  Book report will be assigned in class on 2/28 for required reading.


Yeh-Shen Test

Students will work on their Words to Live By speech after the test.


Students will present their speeches.  Some students will be chosen to present their Fairy Tales.

Assignments Due

Plot Diagram for Yeh-Shen Cinderella – Monday

Summary of Yeh-Shen Cinderella – Tuesday

ABC Fairy Tale – Wednesday

Yeh-Shen Cinderella Test – Thursday

Words to Live By Speech – Friday

Additional Resources

If your student is out please check my.hrw.com dashboard for missed assignments.  Login using VPORTAL credentials.  The 0 will not be recognized as the first number.