Q3 W3


Focus: Expressions/Constants


Teacher – Expressions interactive notebook

Practice: Snake game (exponents review) with partners

IXL Y2, R4, Y7

Homework: Finish IXL not completed in class

IREADY every Wednesday in class – Quiz grade taken each week.

Advanced Math

Focus: Coordinate plane


Teacher: Workbook pages 130-133

Practice: Worksheets coordinate plane

IXL X1,2,3,4

Homework: Finish IXL

IReady – 1 quiz per week graded

Honors Math

Focus: Volume


Teacher: Workbook page 254-256

Practice: Worksheets – Volume of a rectangular prism

IXL: EE3, EE$, FF14, FF15

Homework: Finish problems not completed in class.

IReady – Every Wednesday – Quiz grade taken each week.