Q3 W5


Focus: Equations equal or not?


Teacher – Worksheet order of operations

Practice: Partner dice game

IXL Y3,, Y4, Y7, BB1

Homework: Finish IXL not completed in class

IREADY every Wednesday in class – Quiz grade taken each week. (no quiz this week)

Advanced Math

Focus: Geometry- Volume


Teacher: Workbook pages 254-256

Practice: Worksheets Volume, area of a triangle

IXL X5, 6, 7, EE3, EE4, CC8

Homework: Finish IXL

IReady – 1 quiz per week graded (no quiz this week)

Honors Math

Focus: Statistics


Teacher: Workbook page 274-277, 278-9

Practice: Worksheets – Mean, Median, Mode and Range

IXL: HH 2 & 3, HH 8

Homework: Finish problems not completed in class.

IReady – Every Wednesday – Quiz grade taken each week. (no quiz this week)