TeacherGinger Barnhart
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level6
Week #01/15/18
Unit of InstructionQ3,W2
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

-Determine the meanings of words and phrases

-Draw evidence from informational text

-Analyze how key individual, event, or ideas is illustrated and elaborated in a text

-Compare and contrast one another’s perspective with another on the same topic

-Cite evidence to support what the text says

-Determine the central idea or theme, provide a summary

-Determine the author’s point of view or purpose in a text

Classroom Activities


Writing Revision Stations for Informative Essay from last week

How do you judge/evaluate _________?

If time…

Close Reader pg. 87- 90 (biography vs. autobiography) or start Autobiography


It Worked for Me pg. 253 (memoir)

Students will read the text and identify details from the memoir about Colin Powell’s life.  The students will compare these details to details of a biography.  Students will answer questions about the text.


Colin Powell pg. 260 (biography)

Students will read the text and identify details from the biography about Colin Powell’s life.  Students will compare these details to the memoir and compare how each other presents information on Powell’s life.  Students will identify each author’s purpose.  Students will complete the text questions after reading.

If time…finish Close Reader pg. 91-96


-Reading Test

Students will take a test with multiple choice and written responses comparing both texts.

-Autobiography (tentative)

Students will write an autobiography of their own life by focusing on three events of their choice in sequential order.

Assignments Due

Informative essay due Tuesday after revision stations

Text questions and chart due Wednesday

Autobiography due after the test on Friday

Reading Comprehension Test on Friday

Bell Ringer page (editing/context clues) due at the end of the week


Additional Resources