TeacherGinger Barnhart
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level6
Week #01/08/2018
Unit of InstructionQ3,W1
Standard(s) Taught
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

-draw evidence from informational text

-cite evidence from the text to support what the text says

-write expository text and strengthen writing

-identify key details in informational and literature text

Classroom Activities

Informative Writing

-Students will pick a topic of their choice to write an informative essay on how to evaluate or judge criteria of the topic chosen.  

-Students will determine what criteria to use to judge their topic.

-Students will create a rubric for their topic on Monday.

-Students will plan their writing and write the introduction on Monday.

-Students will find 3 sources to support their topic/criteria as homework for Monday and have 30 minutes in class on Tuesday.

-Students will finish the 5 paragraph essay about how to judge/evaluate their topic that will be due at the end of class Tuesday.

Review Reading DIA #2 on Wednesday

-review text and questions

-Discuss standards to focus on as a class

use numbered heads together to discuss the answers and review as a class

-Students will plan their writing and write the essay on their topic in preparation for VLT #2 which will occur on Thursday and Friday.

*Reflect on quarter 2 when filing graded tests and essays in portfolio.

Assignments Due
  • Find 3 sources and 4-6 pieces of evidence to support their topic and chosen criteria.  Websites, a credible source such as a coach or veterinarian, online articles, etc.   The evidence can be written on a piece of paper.  It does not need to be printed.  
  • Essay on how to evaluate or judge _insert topic_ is due Tuesday
  • VLT #2 Informative Writing on Friday
Additional Resources

my.hrw.com (FL Collections textbook)

Username: 1alphacode@vcs2go.net

Password: birth date (do not include the 0 if your month starts with a zero)