Quarter 4, Week 3

TeacherGinger Barnhart
Subject AreaELA
Grade Level6
Week #04/02/18
Unit of InstructionWhat Tales Tell
Standard(s) Taught
  • LAFS.6.RL.2.4: Determine the meaning of words and phrases as they are used in a text, including figurative and connotative meanings; analyze the impact of a specific word choice on meaning and tone.
  • LAFS.6.RL.2.5: Analyze how a particular sentence, chapter, scene, or stanza fits into the overall structure of a text and contributes to the development of the theme, setting, or plot.
  • LAFS.6.RL.2.6: Explain how an author develops the point of view of the narrator or speaker in a text.
Learning Targets and Learning Criteria


The student will be able to describe the elements of folk tales as well as describe the use of foreshadowing.

The student will be able to describe the elements of drama in a play.

Classroom Activities

Close Read variations of “The Prince and the Pauper” Tale.

Analyze the Text for “The Prince and the Pauper” anchor text.

FSA Prep, Cluster 2 Standards

Read Around the World in Eighty Days Chapters 5-10

Perform the play “The Prince and the Pauper”

Assignments Due

Jules Verne Author Study

Close Reader Pages 115-128

ScootPad 50 ELA tasks

Around the World in Eighty Days chapters 5-10 packet completion


Additional Resources