Q3W4 6th Grade Math

BSP Week 4

TeacherKimberlie Hymes
Subject AreaMath
Grade Level6th
Week #22
Unit of InstructionExpressions and Equations
Standard(s) Taught


Write, read, and evaluate expressions in which letters stand for numbers.
a. Write expressions that record operations with numbers and with letters standing for numbers.
b. Identify parts of an expression using mathematical terms (sum, term, product, factor, quotient, coefficient); view one or more parts of an expression as a single entity.
c. Evaluate expressions at specific values of their variables. Include expressions that arise from formulas used in real-world problems. Perform arithmetic operations, including those involving whole-number exponents, in the conventional order when there are no parentheses to specify a particular order (Order of Operations).

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• translate a relationship given in words into an algebraic expression for all operations. • identify parts of an algebraic expression using mathematical terms for all operations.
• recognize an expression as both a single value and as two or more terms on which an operation is performed. • understand that a letter represents one number in an expression and when that number replaces the letter, the expression can be evaluated to one number (link “unknown”—what they learned in elementary school—to “variable”).
• apply the order of operations when evaluating both arithmetic and algebraic expressions.
• substitute values in formulas to solve real-world problems.

Classroom Activities

This week we will be focused on Order of Operations (PEMDAS) and Exponents. We will complete class activities and notebook assignments in class to further provide practice for these skills. 

Assignments Due

Friday, students will be given the assignment “PEMDAS and Exponents Homework” Will be due Wednesday 2-7-18

Additional Resources

Students are able to complete additional practice on both MathSpace and IXL



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