Q4W9 6th Grade Math

TeacherKimberlie Hymes
Subject AreaMath
Grade Level6th
Week #37
Unit of InstructionExpressions and Equations Part 2
Standard(s) Taught


Apply properties of operations as strategies to add, subtract, factor, and expand linear expressions with rational coefficients.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

• use the commutative and associative properties to add linear expressions with rational coefficients.
• Identify the different parts of an expression including constants and variable terms, like terms, and coefficients.
• use the distributive property to add and/or subtract linear expressions with rational coefficients.
• use the distributive property to factor out Greatest Common Factor of linear expressions. (review if necessary).

Classroom Activities

This week we will be practicing two-step equations. 

We have our Epcot trip this Tuesday!

We will take our FINAL EXAM on Friday May 18. This is only for students who did not submit the OLYMPICS project. Students who submitted the Olympics project are excused from taking the final exam. 

Assignments Due

Students will have an assignment this week. It will not be due until next Wednesday, May 23 due to the final exam this week.

“Two-Step Equations Homework” On Mathspace

Additional Resources

If additional help is needed, students are encouraged to view a lesson regarding a given topic on Khan Academy. This website is free and provides both video instruction as well as practice problems. 

Students are able to complete additional practice on both MathSpace and IXL.



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