Q1 W7 September 2017

Blended Learning Rotations W7 WH

TeacherKristen Smith
Subject AreaWorld History
Grade Level6th
Week #Week 7 September 25-29 2017
Unit of InstructionLast week of Early Civilizations
Standard(s) Taught

SS.6.W.2.7- Summarize the important achievements of Mesopotamian civilization.

SS.6.W.2.3- Identify the characteristics of civilization.

SS.6.W.1.5- Describe the roles of historians and recognize varying historical interpretations. 

SS.6.W.1.4- Describe the methods of historical inquiry and how history relates to the other social sciences.

Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Students Goals:

Students will interpret primary and secondary sources.

Students will identify a historical event in history and its varying interpretations of the events by historians.

Examples may include, but are not limited to, public works, urbanization, specialized labor, advanced technology, organized government, religious institutions, social classes, writing, and art and architecture

Examples may include, but are not limited to, cuneiform writing, epic literature such as Gilgamesh, art and architecture, technology such as the wheel, sail, and plow.

Classroom Activities

Students will be working in center rotation. I link is above as far as directions and what rotations we completed this week. 

Assignments Due

Rotation work 

Additional Resources

ALL IEP and ESOL accommodations will be provided daily.

When a student is absent, it is their responsibility to check the absent files in class and copy notes from a peer.  Students will have the number of days absent to complete missing work.  If you need any assignments emailed, please contact me at smithk@ivyhawnschool.org. 

Please check remind for weekly updates. Class code: ih6wh