Week of: 2/5/18


Video we watched in class: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uajX2cSTmlI&index=22&list=PLx78u0GH2Mr9fStnXI-S94Ne_vY81whW8


Word Document Containing the Rotations for the Week: Blended Learning Rotations- Buddhism

TeacherKristen Smith
Subject AreaWorld History/ Advanced World History
Grade Level6th
Week #2/5/18-2/9/18
Unit of InstructionAncient India
Standard(s) Taught

SS.6.W.4.2- Explain the major beliefs and practices associated with Hinduism and the
social structure of the caste system in ancient India.

SS.6.W.4.4- Explain the teachings of Buddha.


Learning Targets and Learning Criteria

Student Goals: 

  • Examples may include, but are not limited to, Brahman, reincarnation, dharma, karma, ahimsa, and moksha.
  • Discuss the Buddhist ideals: The 4 Noble Truths, and Eight fold path.
Classroom Activities

Students will complete their Blended Learning Rotations this week. 

Assignments Due

Rotations #1,2, & 5 are due. The other rotations will remain in their notebooks. 

Additional Resources

ALL IEP and ESOL accommodations will be provided daily.

When a student is absent, it is their responsibility to check the absent files in class and copy notes from a peer.  Students will have the number of days absent to complete missing work.  If you need any assignments emailed, please contact me at smithk@ivyhawnschool.org. 

Please check remind for weekly updates. Class code: ih6wh