Science Learning Targets:  Students will recognize that the sun appears large and bright because it is the closest star to Earth. Stars can be different. Some are smaller, larger or brighter than others.
Science Learning Activities: Students will make observations of a model of the night sky. We will do a variety of activities on the Earth and stars.
Math Learning Targets:.
Students will take the chapter 4 test for multiplication and begin learning strategies for division.  IXL: F1-11,13,15
Math Learning Targets: Students will learn the meaning of division and use models to divide numbers into equal groups. We will be using our My Math curriculum from McGraw-Hill.
ELA Activities: Students will participate in small groups during centers and also practicing on IXL and Istation.
ELA Learning Targets:
3.R1.1.2: Identifying main idea from the text.
LAFS.3.Rl.1.3 Students will be able to describe the relationship between a series of historical events, scientific ideas and concepts or steps in technical procedures in text, using language that pertains.
Writing Targets
3.W.3.8: Gather information from sources; take brief notes and sort evidence into categories.
IXL: J.1, J.2, K.1, K.2, I.2
U.1 W.6
mild                                       fight                                       child
sky                                         ties                                         flight
pie                                          right                                       bright
might                                     fry                                          buy
find                                        tight                                       dye
Perfect- without a mistake or fault
Challenge- something that calls for work and effort
Healthy- well; not sick
Satisfy- to meet the needs of; to make happy
Manage- to succeed at doing something
Scratch- 1. Scrape or cut with nails or claws; 2. Cancel or strike out.
Appetite- wanting to eat