Hello Parents and Families,
After spring break on Friday, March 29th we will be having an FSA Field Day for our 3rd graders! It will start at 1:00 in the theater with a pep rally and then we will go out to the park and play games at 1:30-3:00. We are in need of volunteers, water, coolers and ice. If you would like to help with the games, we would need you to arrive at 1:00 to set up at the park. Please let me know if you are interested! We have no limit of the amount of volunteers that can help at this event. Just make sure that you are cleared to volunteer.

If you would like to donate water bottles, ice or coolers please usethe following link: 


This a review week for ELA. We will be completing the Interim Assessments that cover all standards that we have learned this year. We have been working hard on using our test- taking strategies. 

ELA Activities: Students will participate in small groups during centers and also practicing on Iready and Istation.

Comprehension: Big Bugs, The Praying Mantid, Squirrel, Campfire Songs, Signs in the Sky, Mapping Sunshine and Rain 

Science Learning Targets:  

We will begin our unit on classifying animals.

SC.3.L.15.1 – I can classify animals into major groups according to their physical characteristics and behaviors.

Science Learning Activities: Students will learn about the different groups of vertebrates. They will read about the characteristics for each vertebrate group and participate in sorting activities. They will also compare and contrast the characteristics of each group.

Science Vocabulary:






Math Learning Targets:

Students will be able to use strategies to find a quotient, use addition properties to find the sum of whole numbers, and identify patterns in addition tables.

Math Learning Activities:

Students will work in My Math chapter 2. Students will participate in practice activities and work in small groups.

IXL: N3, N4, C10