Sea Life Orlando Field Trip

Our field trip will be on Tuesday, May 28th. We are excited to finally enjoy our trip to Sea Life Orlando!

ELA Activities: Students will participate in small groups during centers and also practicing on Iready and Istation.

ELA Learning Targets:

This week we are continuing to read our chapter books and will be creating tri-fold book reports in class. Students will be presenting their book reports on Friday.

We will also be working on our ABC order and dictionary skills. Students will be finishing their Dictionary Detective Packets.

IXL: O.3, P.6, Q.3, T.6, T.8, U.3, FF.11

Science Learning Targets:  Students will be able to apply the steps in the scientific process to answer a question.

Science Learning Activities: Students will take part in scientific experiments.

Math Learning Targets:

Students will be reviewing rounding and multiplication.

Math Learning Activities:

Students will work on multiplication and rounding practice sheets, word problems and games as part of our end of the year review getting ready for 4th grade!