Science Learning Targets:  Students will recognize that the sun appears large and bright because it is the closest star to Earth. Stars can be different. Some are smaller, larger or brighter than others.


Science Learning Activities: Students will make observations of a model of the night sky. We will do a variety of activities on the Earth and stars.


Math Learning Targets:.

Students will use models to explore meanings of multiplication and relate multiplication to addition.  Students will use arrays and equal groups to multiply. IXL:


Math Learning Targets: We will continue our lessons on multiplication and learning our facts. We will be using our My Math curriculum from McGraw-Hill.


ELA Activities: Students will participate in small groups during centers and also practicing on IXL and Istation.

ELA Learning Targets: LAFS.3.Rl.1.3 Students will be able to describe the relationship between a series of historical events, scientific ideas and concepts or steps in technical procedures in text, using language that pertains.

Writing Targets

W.3.2 : Writing informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.

W.3.4 : With guidance and support from adults, produce writing in which the development and organization are appropriate to task and purpose.

W.3.7 : Conduct short research projects that build knowledge about a topic

IXL: G.1, G.2, H.1, H.2, I.1

Social Studies: Students will be able to use primary and secondary sources.

U.1 W.4


Gold                                      loaf                                       slow

Bowl                                      roast                                      grows

Soak                                       coast                                     show

Sold                                       scold                                      float

Snow                                     coal                                        blow

*snail, gray, plain

*window, program


Fierce- very strong or violent

Whips- moves or hits quickly and suddenly

Echoes- repeats a sound

Shuffles- walking without lifting the feet off the ground

Huddle- a group of people or animals that is close together

Junior- the younger or smaller of two

Down- find soft feathers; from a higher to a lower place