Science Learning Targets:  Students will recognize that the sun appears large and bright because it is the closest star to Earth. Stars can be different. Some are smaller, larger or brighter than others. The Sun effects the Earth with its heat and brightness.


Science Learning Activities: Students will make observations of a model of the night sky. We will do a variety of activities on the Earth and stars.


Math Learning Targets:.

We will continue our chapter on division strategies and take the chapter 5 test. Next, we will begin working on finding the area of a figure using multiplication.

IXL: F1-11,13,15 (division) FF 6,7,8,10 (area)


Math Learning Targets: Students will learn the meaning of division and use models to divide numbers into equal groups. They will count unit squares and use addition and multiplication to find area.  We will be using our My Math curriculum from McGraw-Hill.


Don’t forget about open house September 25th at 6pm.

Reading Counts will begin this week. We will be receiving the logins this week. And a packet will be sent home with more information.

Also, the book fair will be this week. If books are purchased online with your class code, then we will receive free book for the classroom.

ELA Activities: Students will participate in small groups during centers and also practicing on Istation and Iready.

ELA Learning Targets:

3.Rl.1.3 Students will describe the sequential relationship between a series of events in historical text.

3.SL.1.1c Ask questions to check understanding of information presented.

Writing Targets

3.W.3.8: Gather information from sources; take brief notes and sort evidence into categories.

Spelling and Vocabulary

This week will be a review of Unit 1. We will be having a summative test on Friday the 28th.

U.1. W.1


Clap                                       Step                                       Sick

Rock                                      Luck                                       Crop

Snack                                    Mess                                     Head

Shut                                       Miss                                       Stamp

Jump                                     Click                                       pond

*cat, can, man

*bathtub, anthill


Downstairs- down the stairs

Nervous- afraid or worried

Fumbled- done in a clumsy way

Chuckled- laughed- laughed quietly

Nonsense- a silly or untrue idea or thought

Trudged- walked slowly, with heavy steps

U.1. W.2


Date                                      home                                    wise

Fine                                       safe                                       smoke

Rose                                      rice                                         grade

Lake                                       globe                                     smile

Life                                         plane                                     come

*clap, crop, sick

*sneeze, escape


Crackle- make a series of small, sharp snapping noises

Announced- told something in a loud or official way

Soared- flew high in the air

Starry- full of many stars

Envelope- a flat paper container, often used for sending letters through the mail

Photograph- a picture made with a camera

U.1 W.3


Fail                                         stray                                      gray

Bay                                         trail                                        plays

Pail                                         May                                       paint

Ray                                         braid                                      snail

Plain                                      sway                                      great

*safe, globe, rice

*lady, afraid


Neighborhood- community, small section of a town or city

Content- happy with what you are doing satisfied

Addressing- working on a problem

Resort- to do something because there is no other choice

U.1 W.4


Gold                                      loaf                                       slow

Bowl                                      roast                                      grows

Soak                                       coast                                     show

Sold                                       scold                                      float

Snow                                     coal                                        blow

*snail, gray, plain

*window, program


Fierce- very strong or violent

Whips- moves or hits quickly and suddenly

Echoes- repeats a sound

Shuffles- walking without lifting the feet off the ground

Huddle- a group of people or animals that is close together

Junior- the younger or smaller of two

Down- find soft feathers; from a higher to a lower place

U.1 W.5


Mild                                       fight                                       child

Sky                                         ties                                         flight

Pie                                          right                                       bright

Might                                    fry                                          buy

Find                                       tight                                       dye

*soak, bowl, gold

*wind, children


Perfect- without a mistake or fault

Challenge- something that calls for work and effort

Healthy- well; not sick

Satisfy- to meet the needs of; to make happy

Manage- to succeed at doing something

Scratch- 1. Scrape or cut with nails or claws; 2. Cancel or strike out.

Appetite- wanting to eat