Math Activities: We will continue working with intervals of time. Students will be planning times that a character needs to do chores through the day or go to the movies.


Math Learning Targets: MAFS.3.MD.1.1 Students will tell and write time to the nearest minute and measure time intervals in minutes. They will solve word problems involving addition and subtraction of time intervals. 

Ways to help at home: 

  • Ask your child to tell you the time on analog clocks
  • Ask your cild to tell you what time you need to start getting ready for an activity. For example “We need to be at the movie at 8:30. It takes 22 minutes to get there. What time should we leave?”

IXL: T1-8



Science Learning Targets:  SC.3.L.14.2 Students will be able to explain how plants respond to light, gravity, and heat.


Science Learning Activities:  Students will be investigating How plants respond to light, gravity, and heat. They will observe plants and how they change based on the environment they are in.

Science Vocabulary:

Dormancy: when plants stop growing and making food in response to heat, or lack of heat.

Germination: when plants grow from seeds

Wilting: when a plant starts to droop in response to lack of water.