Math Learning Targets:

Students will continue their study of classifying Quadrilaterals. 

MAFS.3.G.1.1: Understand that shapes in different categories (e.g., rhombuses, rectangles, and others) may share attributes (e.g., having four sides), and that the shared attributes can define a larger category (e.g., quadrilaterals). Recognize rhombuses, rectangles, and squares as examples of quadrilaterals, and draw examples of quadrilaterals that do not belong to any of these subcategories.

Math Learning Activities:

Students will play games in centers about attributes with quadrilaterals. They will draw pictures of the shapes and guess the shape of a mystery clue. Students will participate in practice activities and work in small groups. They will also participate in practice assessments to prepare for FSA. 


IXL: DD3, DD4, DD5, DD6, DD7, DD8



This a review week. We will be completing the interim assessments that cover all standards that we have learned this year. We have been working hard on using our test taking strategies. We are currently practicing the UNRAAVEL method for test taking strategies.

ELA Activities: Students will participate in small groups during centers and also practicing on Iready and Istation.

Comprehension: Big Bugs, Praying Mantid, Squirrel, Campfire Songs, Signs in the Sky, Mapping Sunshine and Rain