Golf Tournament

Ivy Hawn is getting ready for our annual golf tournament. A flyer with information went home a few weeks ago. The tournament is on May 5th and proceeds will go towards building a playground on campus!

To sign up to donate items for our raffle beach bag, you can use the following link:





This week students are taking the reading FSA, April 3rd and 4th. We have continued to review our test taking strategies, and we know they will do AMAZING!


Science Learning Targets:  

Students will be able to classify animals into groups based on characteristics and behaviors.


Science Learning Activities: Students will work on sorting activities for the different groups of animals. We will discuss their characteristics and behaviors.


Science Vocabulary:

amphibians, animal, arthropod, backbone, birds, cold-blooded, egg, fish, invertebrate, mammals, reptiles, vertebrate, warm-blooded


Math Learning Targets:

Students will review addition strategies.


Math Learning Activities:

Students will be working on various activities to show their strategies for addition. Students will create graphic organizers that show examples of each strategy. This is a review unit as we prepare for the FSA.

IXL: D2, D3, D4