Week of Jan. 16-19th

Science Learning Targets: What are some heat sources? Where can heat come from?  

Science Learning Activities: Unit 4 Science Fusion.  Students will be learning about heat and where it comes from. The class will participate in activities and digital lessons from Science Fusion.

Math Learning Targets:  Students will be able to develop strategies for multiplication and division. Students will work on multi-step problems.

Math Learning Targets: Students will use patterns to solve multiplication equations with 2, 5, 9, 0,1, and 10 as factors. Students will apply properties of operations. Students will use the commutative and distributive properties.

IXL: N.6, N.7, FF.3, FF.14, M.9, M.12, U.5-U.7, U.10-U.11

Social Studies: Students will continue learning about maps and geography. Students will learn about the different types of land forms in North America.