Week of 4/02-4/06/18

*During the next few weeks students will be reviewing reading and math for the FSA.

FSA Field Day will be on Friday, April 6th.

FSA Reading will be April 9th-10th and FSA Math will be April 16th-17th.

3rd grade teachers are planning on making a beach themed basket for the golf tournament. If you would like to donate any beach items or a large basket, please let your child’s homeroom teacher know!

Science Learning Targets:  How can we classify vertebrates? How can we classify invertebrates?

Science Learning Activities: Unit 7 Science Fusion. Students will classify flowering and non-flowering plants. Students will learn about vertebrates, invertebrates, amphibians, reptiles and mammals and will classify animals based on their characteristics.

Math Learning Targets:  Students will be able to fluently add and subtract using strategies.

Math Learning Targets: Students will add and subtract using the standard algorithm, subtract with zeroes and use the properties of addition. 

IXL: D2-4, C2-4, C6, C7

Social Studies: Students will be able to identify major ways environmental influences contribute to settlement patterns and recognize the different cultures that have settled in the United States, Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean.

ELA Learning Targets:

Students will review cause/effect, context clues, mood, sequencing and with emphasis on main idea/theme.

Students will continue working on using informational text.

ELA Activities:

Students will continue reading the story “Beatrice’s Goat” for comprehension and cause/effect. Students will participate in small groups during centers and also practicing on IXL, I-Station, as well as reviewing concepts from the previous unit. IXL: U.1, U.3, U.5, v.1, V.2 and Y.7

Over the last few weeks, we have been reading about Beatrice’s Goat. This is a true story about a girl named Beatrice that lives in Uganda, Africa. This story is about families that live in chronic poverty and are lacking the skills to get the most out of their land. After much research, we have found an organization that will allow us to purchase a goat and give it to a family in need.

The cost of a goat is $120. So we are asking that each student donate $2, and if you want to give more you can. The company that will be providing the goat is Heirfer International.


Our students will also be writing a short information essay about giving back to people in need. This will be a wonderful and rich learning experience for the students, and to make a difference in a family’s life forever.

Please put donations in a sealed envelope and bring to your homeroom teacher. Thank you so much for your support in this project.


Gift-something that is given to someone, such as a present

Yearned-wanted very much to have or do

Tend- to look after or take care of

Produce- to make or create

Sturdy- strong or solid

Schoolhouse- a building used as a school

Kindhearted- having caring nature; helpful