Q1W5 9/9-9/13

Math Activities: Students will practice rounding strategies and addition properties and patterns in small groups and seatwork assignments.  

Math Learning Targets: Students will also continue practicing rounding to the nearest hundred. We will begin learning the addition properties and addition patterns.

IXL B.1-B.4, C.4-18, N.3

Ways to help: 

  • Ask your child to skip count by tens or hundreds starting on a number like 28.
  • Ask your child what the anchor numbers would be for a specific number. For example, rounding the number 43 to the nearest ten, the anchor numbers would be 40 and 50. Rounding 345 to the nearest ten the anchor numbers would be 340 and 350. Rounding 267 to the nearest hundred, the anchor numbers would be 200 and 300.
  • Ask  your child questions about place value such as “how much is 14 tens plus 30 ones?” Or “How many ones is 23 tens?”


 Science Activities: Students will explore the scientific process and make paper airplane models.

 Science Learning Targets: Students will be able to work through the scientific process to collect evidence and data. Students will recognize that scientists use models to understand how things work.