Q2 W8 (12/9-12/13)

Upcoming Events:

The Winter Showcase for our class will be on Monday, December 9th at 6:00. If you plan to attend please bring your child to our classroom at 5:30. After the show you can pick them up in the lunch room.

Our field trip to the Museum of Arts and Sciences is on Monday, December 16th.

Christmas Festivities:

We have plenty of pancake mix and ice cream leftover so we plan to have a Christmas ice cream party for students on Tuesday, December 17th! On Wednesday, December 18th students may come to school in dress code appropriate pajamas. We will make pancakes in the morning and then after lunch students will enjoy the Christmas movie, Polar Express! We look forward to a fun and exciting week!

Math Activities: Students will finish up chapter 8 and take the chapter 8 assessment. We will begin working in chapter 9 on multiplication and division strategies.

Math Learning Targets: Students will focus on multiplying and dividing by 12, taking apart factors to multiply and using the distributive property to multiply.

IXL: F. 12, F.13, J.11, J.12

We are using Xtramath.org to practice multiplication facts so students won’t forget what they have learned! Log-in information has been sent home. We will be using it at school but it would be great for students to practice at home as well!

Science Learning Targets:  SC.3.P.10.2SC.3

.P.10.Students will recognize that energy has the ability to cause motion or create change. 

 Science Learning Activities: Students will be investigating and describing how energy can cause motion, such as a hairdryer, windmill. Or Jack-in-the Box. Students will also be investigating how energy has the ability to create change, like melting ice or cooking food. Finally, they will be identifying what source of energy caused the change. They will be doing hands on activities exploring mechanical energy (potential and kinetic) and sound energy.

Science Vocabulary:

Light energy- energy that can be seen. Light energy can move through space.

Mechanical energy- energy of motion: potential (stored energy) and kinetic (motion)

Sound energy- energy made be vibration

Thermal energy- energy of heat

Electrical energy- energy that usually flows through wires, when electrons move from one place to another.

IXL Science: 3rd Grade D1