Q2W1 (10/15- 10/18)

Math Activities:  Students will continue working on understanding division in chapter 5 of our My Math books.

Math Learning Targets: Students will be able to use models to divide and related multiplication facts to divide.

We will be learning our 5’s multiplication facts this week. Students should be studying their multiplication facts. There will be a speed drill on their 5’s facts on Friday. 

Ways to help at home:

  • Ask students to divide objects (silverware, toys, books, beans, etc.) into equal groups and write a division sentence that represents that situation. Students could also tell a word problem about what they just demonstrated.
  • Quiz students in the car on their multiplication facts (1’s to 5’s so far).

IXL: I.1-5

Science Learning Targets:  Students will discuss physical and measurable properties of matter.

 Science Learning Activities: Students will create foldables as we learn about the properties and states of matter. Students will be able to make some observations and record them. On Friday, we will be cooking up some pancakes for students enjoy as we discuss the different states of matter and how they change during the cooking process.

Science Vocabulary:

Mass– the measure of how much matter an object has

Volume: the measure of how much space an object takes up

solid– particles are packed tightly together, definite shape, definite volume

liquid– particles are further apart, takes the shape of its container, definite volume

gas– particles are the farthest apart, takes the shape of its container, no definite volume (fills the space of its container)