Q2W5 (11/12-11/15)


Math Activities:  Students will continue chapter 7 in My Math and take an assessment on Friday.

Math Learning Targets: Students will be able solve a problem by identifying extra or missing information, use equal groups, patterns and properties to multiply by 0 and 1 and use division rules to divide by 0 and 1.


We will be learning our 9’s multiplication facts this week.


IXL: F.1-2, J.1, H.6, L.5


Science Learning Targets:  Students will continue learning about the forms of matter and the 3 states of matter. (Solid, liquid, gas). They will describe how matter changes through heating and cooling.

Science Learning Activities: Students will explore how water changes state.

Science Vocabulary:

Freezing- changing from a liquid to a solid (cooling)

Melting- changing from a solid to a liquid (heating)

Boiling- changing from a liquid to a gas at 100 degrees Celsius (heating)

Evaporation- changing from a liquid to a gas (heating)

Condensation- changing from a gas to a liquid (cooling)


IXL Science: 3rd Grade C1, C2

The Fall Festival will be Saturday, November 16th from 10:00-2:00.

We will be having an ice cream party on Friday, November 22nd to celebrate student success with multiplication facts! Sign-ups to donate ice cream and toppings will go out soon.