Q2W6 (11/18-11/22)

Falling Into Review: On Monday and Tuesday, students will participate in a variety of fall themed review activities for reading and math as they rotate among the 3rd grade classrooms!

Multiplication Ice Cream Sundae Party: We will be having an ice cream party on Friday, November 22nd to celebrate student success with multiplication facts! Here is a link to the sign-up if you would like to donate ice cream or toppings!



Math Activities: Students will begin working in chapter 8 of our My Math books.

Math Learning Targets: Students will focus on multiplying and dividing by 6 and 7.

IXL: F.6, F.7, J.6, J.7

Science Learning Targets:  Students will continue learning about the forms of matter and the 3 states of matter. (Solid, liquid, gas). They will describe how matter changes through heating and cooling.

Science Learning Activities: Students will be creating a skit pretending to be a state of matter going through a change.

Science Vocabulary:

Freezing- changing from a liquid to a solid (cooling)

Melting- changing from a solid to a liquid (heating)

Boiling- changing from a liquid to a gas at 100 degrees Celsius (heating)

Evaporation- changing from a liquid to a gas (heating)

Condensation- changing from a gas to a liquid (cooling)

IXL Science: 3rd Grade C1, C2