Q3 W6 (2/10-2/14)

Math Activities: We will work from My Math chapter 11 on measurement.


Math Learning Targets: Students will be able to explore estimating and measuring liquid volume and mass using metric units. We will practice solving word problems with volume and mass and tell time to the nearest minute.


IXL: FF.21, T.1-3


We are using Xtramath.org to practice multiplication facts so students won’t forget what they have learned! Log-in information has been sent home. We will be using it at school but it would be great for students to practice at home as well!

Multiplication facts are so important in 3rd grade. You can also find a pack of multiplication cards at the Dollar Tree and have your child study them. Freerice.com is great website to use to practice multiplication. Just click on the math link!


Science Learning Targets:  

SC.3.P.10.2: Students will recognize that energy has the ability to cause motion or create change. 

Science Learning Targets: SC.3.P.10.4 – Demonstrate that light can be reflected, refracted, and absorbed.


Science Learning Activities: Students will be reviewing energy and light. They will take a VST (Volusia Science Test) on energy.


Science Vocabulary:

Light energy- energy that can be seen. Light energy can move through space.

Mechanical energy- energy of motion: potential (stored energy) and kinetic (motion)

Sound energy- energy made be vibration

Thermal energy- energy of heat

Electrical energy- energy that usually flows through wires, when electrons move from one place to another.

Reflection: light bounces off an object

Refraction: light is bent or slows down when it passes through an object

Absorb: light is taken in by an object

Shadow: a dark place created when light is blocked by an object

Check out this Science site for at home experiments to strengthen science skills!