Week of 11-27

ELA Learning Targets:

Students will review concepts from Unit 2 with emphasize on identifying the Main Idea, Fables, Folktales and Myths. Students will begin reading “Stone Soup” and continue reading the book “Wonder” by RJ Palacio. Part one emphasizes point of view, illustrations, summarizing, and making text to self-connections.

ELA Activities:

During centers students will be practicing on IXL, I-Station, and reviewing concepts from Unit 2. IXL: R.1-R.2, X.1, X.2, U.1-U.5, V.1-V.5, Z.1, Y.3, T.1-T.5, W.3, W.4

Science Learning Targets:

What are some forms of energy?  What’s energy? Where’s the energy? How does light move? What surfaces reflect light best?

Science Learning Activities:

Unit 4 Science Fusion.  Students will be learning about energy and where it comes from in lesson one. Students will participate in an inquiry activity measuring how high a bouncy ball can bounce. Students will also work on virtual lab activities and interactive inquiries.

Math Learning Targets

We will continue our unit on understanding the relationship between multiplication and division. Students will focus on fact families and solve multi-step problems.

Math Learning Targets:

Students will give quotients with divisors of 2,3,4,5,6, and 7. We will focus on using fact families to help solve division problems and use problem solving skills to solve multi-step word problems for division.

IXL: K.15, K.16, N.10, J.1-10

Social Studies: Students will continue learning about maps and geography.



Guests: People who come to visit or eat a meal.

Banquet: A large meal presented for an important event.

Agreeable: Nice or pleasant.

Curiosity: An interesting or strange thing.

Gaze: A steady look or stare.

Untrusting: Having doubt about something.