Week of 9-23


Reading Learning Targets:

Students will compare and contrast the most important points and details from two different texts on the same topic.  

Reading Activities:

During centers students will be practicing on IXL with main idea and character traits. Students will use story cards to review finding main idea and character traits.

IXL: X.1, X.2, U.1, U.5

Math Learning Targets: Students will be able to use standard units of measurement to find perimeter.

Students will match shapes to a given perimeter and learn that different shapes can have the same perimeter. We will finish our unit on perimeter and begin multiplication. Students will be able to use number sentences, arrays and the commutative property to multiply.

Math Learning Activities: We will be completing our unit on perimeter and starting a new unit on multiplication this week. Students will participate in interactive activities and practice with perimeter in centers. They will also practice using tools and units of measurement to find perimeter. We will be creating arrays with rows and columns to represent multiplication. Students will work on memorizing multiplication facts.

 IXL FF.1, FF.2, FF.3, E.2, E.3, I.1, E.4, E.5, E.6, E.7, H.6, H.7, I.4, L.5

Science Learning Targets: What are some physical properties? How are mass and volume measured? What are the states of matter? How can the state of matter change?

Science Learning Activities: Unit 3 Science Fusion. Students will work on inquiry science learning activities and sort through different types of matter, measure and compare mass and volume and describe the changes of states of matter.

Social Studies: Students will be learning about the purpose and need for government, how the government gains power from the people and how the government was established through the constitution. 

Language Arts:

Vocabulary words:

Perfect: without making a mistake or fault.

Challenge:  something that calls for work and effort.

Healthy: well; not sick.

Satisfy: to meet the needs of; to make happy.

Manage: to succeed at doing something.

Scratch:  scrape or cut with nails or claws; to cancel or strike out.

Appetite: wanting to eat


Spelling words:
















Challenge words: Wind & Children