Week of December 18-20, 2017

Reminder: *Winter Break begins at the end of the day on 12/20*

ELA Learning Targets:

Students will review concepts from Unit 2 with emphasis on author’s purpose and point of view, as well as identifying the central message of a text. Students will go on a field trip to see the Wonder movie!

ELA Activities:

Students will participate in Christmas around the world with 2nd grade. It will include various snacks and fun holiday activities. During centers students will be working in small groups and also practicing on IXL, I-Station, and reviewing concepts from the previous unit. IXL: R.1-R.2, X.1, X.2, U.1-U.5, V.1-V.5, Z.1, Y.3, T.1-T.5, W.3, W.4 

Science Learning Targets: What are some forms of energy?  What is energy? Where is the energy? How does light move? What surfaces reflect light best?

Science Learning Activities: Unit 4 Science Fusion.  Students will be learning about light and how it moves. The class will participate in activities and digital lessons from Science Fusion.

Math Learning Targets: Students will be able to identify and describe repeating and changing patterns. We will also review division using division stories and drawing pictures to solve word problems.

Math Learning Targets: Students will describe patterns, identify patterns involving addition and subtraction and extend tables using multiplication, division, addition and subtraction.  We will be using tables and graphs to show patterns.

IXL: M.9, M.12, P.1, P.2, F.11, H.1, U.5-7, U. 10, U.11

Social Studies: Students will continue learning about maps and geography. Students will label a map for each region of the United States. Students will also get to participate in a Christmas Around the World activity with the third and second grade teachers!

SS.3.A1.1- Analyze primary and secondary sources.

SS.3.G.2.6- Investigate how people perceive places and regions differently by conducting interviews, mental mapping, and studying news, poems, legends, and songs about a region or area.