Week of November 20-21, 2017

Science Learning Targets: What are some forms of energy?  What’s energy? Where’s the energy? How does light move? What surfaces reflect light best?

Science Learning Activities: Unit 4 Science Fusion.  Students will be learning about energy and where it comes from in lesson one. Students will participate in an inquiry activity measuring how high a bouncy ball can bounce. Students will also work on virtual lab activities and interactive inquiries.

Math Learning Targets:  We will continue our unit on understanding the relationship between multiplication and division. Students will continue using strategies to find the products of multiplication facts. We will also be doing some fun Thanksgiving-themed review activities!

Math Learning Targets: Students will use known facts and doubles to find products.  We will work on problems with 6, 7 and 8 as factors using known facts. Students will use objects, pictures, or multiplication to find the number of possible combinations of data or objects in a problem. They will also work on problems that have 3 factors.

IXL: K.15, K.16, N.10, J.1-10

Social Studies: Students will learn about map elements and label a map of the continents and oceans. We will also compare maps and globes and discuss how maps can be distorted.

Reading Learning Targets: Students will work on finding main idea and details within a text.  We will continue to read Wonder focusing on character traits. Students will answer questions for the text.

Reading Learning Activities: Students will be participating in a reader’s theater, creating a Thanksgiving book, Turkey main idea activity and watching a Moby Max Thanksgiving.

There will be no spelling or vocabulary words for the week.