Week of November 6-10, 2017

ELA Learning Targets:

Students will explain how specific aspects of text illustrations contribute to the words in a story. How do the illustrations create a mood and emphasize aspects of a character or a setting? Students will also learn how a strategy to help them summarize different types of text.

ELA Activities:

During centers students will be practicing on IXL, I-Station, reviewing sequencing as well as cause and effect. Students will be reading “Author- A True Story” during center time. IXL: R.1-R.2, X.1, X.2, U.1-U.5, V.1-V.5, Z.1, Y.3, T.1-T.5, W.3, W.4

Science Learning Targets: What are some physical properties? How are mass and volume measured? What are the states of matter? How can the state of matter change?

Science Learning Activities: Unit 3 Science Fusion. Students will work on inquiry science learning activities, measure and compare mass and volume and describe the changes of states of matter. Students will estimate masses of solid objects, measure masses of solid objects, estimate volumes of liquids, measure volumes of liquids and solve word problems relating to mass and volume using addition and subtraction.

Math Learning Targets: We will complete our unit on time and measurement and begin our unit on understanding the relationship between multiplication and division. Students will work on equations with 3 and 4 as a factor. 

Math Learning Activities: Students will be practicing telling time using analog and digital clocks. They will tell time to the nearest quarter hour and nearest half hour. Students will find elapsed time using intervals of minutes and a calendar.

After reviewing time, we will take the unit test on time and begin working on relating multiplication and division. Students will use known facts and doubles to find products with 3 and 4 as a factor.

IXL: K.15, K.16, N.10, J.1-10

Social Studies: Students will learn about map elements and label a map of the continents and oceans. We will also compare maps and globes and discuss how maps can be distorted.



Talented: Having a natural ability.

Single: Only one.

Proper: Correct.

Excitement: A feeling of happiness because something good has happened or will happen.

Acceptance: An agreement to take something.

Useful: Helpful.

















Challenge Words: Wristwatch. Knapsack