ELA Activities: Students will participate in small groups during centers and also practicing on Istation and Iready.

ELA Learning Targets:

This week we will be a review week for the skill we have covered so far this year. These skills include: Ask and Answering Questions, Main Idea and Key Details, Sequencing, and Cause and Effect. We will be having a summative assessment on Friday that will address each of these skills. We will also have our spelling and vocabulary summative for Unit 1.

Writing Targets:

W.3.2: Writing informative/explanatory texts to examine a topic and convey ideas and information clearly.

W.3.7: Conduct short research projects that build knowledge about a topic.

W.3.8: Gather information from sources; take brief notes and sort evidence into categories.

Social Studies: SS.3.C.1.2: Describe how government gains its power from the people.

IXL: A.1, A.2, D.1, D.4, R.1, R.2

Spelling and Vocabulary

This week will be a review of Unit 1. We will be having a summative test on October 4th.

U.1. W.1


Clap                                       Step                                       Sick

Rock                                      Luck                                       Crop

Snack                                    Mess                                     Head

Shut                                       Miss                                       Stamp

Jump                                     Click                                       pond


Downstairs- down the stairs

Nervous- afraid or worried

Fumbled- done in a clumsy way

Chuckled- laughed- laughed quietly

Nonsense- a silly or untrue idea or thought

Trudged- walked slowly, with heavy steps

U.1. W.2


Date                                      home                                    wise

Fine                                       safe                                       smoke

Rose                                      rice                                         grade

Lake                                       globe                                     smile

Life                                         plane                                     come


Crackle- make a series of small, sharp snapping noises

Announced- told something in a loud or official way

Soared- flew high in the air

Starry- full of many stars

Envelope- a flat paper container, often used for sending letters through the mail

Photograph- a picture made with a camera

U.1 W.3


Fail                                         stray                                      gray

Bay                                         trail                                        plays

Pail                                         May                                       paint

Ray                                         braid                                      snail

Plain                                      sway                                      great


Neighborhood- community, small section of a town or city

Content- happy with what you are doing satisfied

Addressing- working on a problem

Resort- to do something because there is no other choice

U.1 W.4


Gold                                      loaf                                       slow

Bowl                                      roast                                      grows

Soak                                       coast                                     show

Sold                                       scold                                      float

Snow                                     coal                                        blow


Fierce- very strong or violent

Whips- moves or hits quickly and suddenly

Echoes- repeats a sound

Shuffles- walking without lifting the feet off the ground

Huddle- a group of people or animals that is close together

Junior- the younger or smaller of two

Down- find soft feathers; from a higher to a lower place

U.1 W.5


Mild                                       fight                                       child

Sky                                         ties                                         flight

Pie                                          right                                       bright

Might                                    fry                                          buy

Find                                       tight                                       dye


Perfect- without a mistake or fault

Challenge- something that calls for work and effort

Healthy- well; not sick

Satisfy- to meet the needs of; to make happy

Manage- to succeed at doing something

Scratch- 1. Scrape or cut with nails or claws; 2. Cancel or strike out.

Appetite- wanting to eat