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 Important School Safety Information

  1. As a safety precaution, we ask that you do not use the back bus loop parking lot as a parent pick up parking lot. Please use the front loop to pick up students.
  2. As a courtesy, please keep elementary front doors clear upon student dismissal. It has become difficult to navigate through the crowd for a safe parent pick-up.  For your convenience, we block off a parking spot area for you to stand and wait for your child / children.
  3. Bus routes may still be delayed due to back to school traffic. We are working with bus drivers to find solutions to make routes and times faster.
  4. Lakeview Dr. can not be used as a second parent loop.  We do not have parking rights to the apartments, Creative Arts Learning Academy, or Volusia Academy of Gymnastics and Dance.  Lakeview Dr. is used for buses to exit only.  Please continue to use the front of the school for parent drop-off and pick-up.   Please click Ivy Hawn Parent Pick Up and Bus locations and 17-18 Traffic Pattern and Parking Procedures for a detailed map and descriptions.

  5. Due to the congested traffic and businesses, elementary students are not permitted to walk off campus without a middle school student accompanying them.  If they are walking with a middle school student, we require parent permission for this to occur.  If walking to the hill across the parking lot, we ask parents to come down and meet them.

  6. Thank you for your support in keeping all students safe!

2017-18 Uniform policy

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