AdvancED Accreditation

Ivy Hawn is proud to announce that we received recommendation for accreditation by AdvancED, a non-profit organization that conducts rigorous, on-site external reviews of Pre-K-12 schools and school systems. The external review team visited this week and were incredibly impressed by the authenticity of our school program. AdvancED reviews Standards for Quality, which are research-based, comprehensive quality statements that describe conditions and factors that contribute to a high caliber educational experience and operational effectiveness.

We here at Ivy Hawn are incredibly excited about our received recommendation and recognize that we would not be where we are today if it weren’t for our dedicated and committed students, staff, parents, community members, and other stakeholders. THANK YOU for believing in our mission and for allowing us to educate our future. This accomplishment is yet another milestone in our never-ending desire to continuously improve to better meet the needs of the students we serve.

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