1 Scitney Science Grade 8: START HERE


Welcome to my 8th grade Science Page!

Classroom Connect will be undergoing maintenance and I am waiting to post additional info until the site has been updated. I filled the 8th grade science position mid-way through 2020 and most of the other pages are pages that Dr. Newcomb had developed. I will be updating/revising these pages as needed throughout the year, BUT Canvas is my main instructional platform.

I primarily post instructional materials to the Scitney Science Grade 8 Canvas Course. I will be enrolling students using their alpha codes during the first week of school, and students may access the course by navigating through Vportal.

  1. From VPortal, click the Canvas tile. 2. Click Courses on the navigation ribbon (students may have to scroll down to click on the “all courses” button. 3. From there you may find the Scitney Science Canvas course. I will post copies of instructional powerpoints, activities, and class information. Students may also use this platform throughout the year to submit certain assignments and take notes.

Best wishes to everyone and have a wonderful 8th grade year!