Geometry Honors Syllabus

Geometry Honors Syllabus and Classroom Guidelines


Welcome to Ms. Andreason’s Geometry Honors class.  I am excited to be part of the Ivy Hawn team and look forward to helping each of you have a successful year!  We will use a variety of learning methods in a blended learning environment, including small-group learning, hands-on activities, technology, interactive notebooks, projects, and whole-class activities. 


Contact information:  Please feel free to email me at or call me at (386) 228-3900 with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the year.


Course Description:  the content for this course will consist of mastering the following:

  • Segment and Angle Pair Relationships Right Triangles and Trigonometry
  • Triangle Congruence and Proofs Quadrilaterals
  • Triangle Properties Two and Three-Dimensional Measure
  • Similarity                                                           Circles with and without Coordinates


Materials for this class:  Students will need a three-ring binder (one and a half inch) and college-ruled paper. They will also need a couple of dividers for the binder.  In addition, students will need a Texas Instruments TI-30Xa calculator and plenty of pencils.  All work for this class should be done in pencil unless otherwise instructed!


Classroom Expectations:  Students should come to class every day prepared to work hard and to focus on the things we need to learn.  The curriculum map for Geometry is extensive and will require us to work as a team.  Actions that interfere with teaching and learning are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.  Students will be expected to follow all school rules and class rules to create and sustain a positive learning environment for everyone.  Geometry will require students to think, to process information independently, and to take responsibility for their learning—if they don’t understand something, they will be encouraged to ask questions!  All students will be expected to take an active part in the learning environment in the classroom.


Discipline Procedures:  Students who are unable to follow classroom rules and expectations will receive the following consequences:

  • Verbal Warning (1st offense)
  • Seat Moved (2nd offense)
  • Student-Teacher Conference (3rd offense)
  • Parent Contact (4th offense)
  • Discipline Referral (5th offense)


Formative Assessments (40%):  Formative assessments include classwork, bell ringers, quizzes, homework, and other activities that help assess mastery.  If students receive a poor grade on a formative assessment, they may remediate and redo the assignment.


Summative Assessments (60%):  Summative assessments include tests, mini-tests, projects, and ISN (Interactive Student Notebook) grades.  The ISN will be checked each quarter and students will receive a small summative grade.  The ISN is created in class and should have all information that appears in the teacher’s ISN to receive full credit.  The ISN will be used as a resource for studying/preparing for the EOC.  Retakes will not be given for summative tests.  Students will have the opportunity to do test corrections to bring their grade up.  Students will need to turn in a separate paper which includes an explanation of what they did incorrectly on the original test as well as the correction of any work that was incorrect.  Students will be able to earn up to half of the points they missed on the original test. 


Homework:  Students will not be given large/lengthy amounts of homework.  When homework is given, it must be turned in on time to receive full credit. 


Showing all work:  Students are required to show all applicable work on tests, quizzes, in-class assignments, and homework.  Students will not receive credit without showing their work.


Make-up Work:  If a student is absent, it is their responsibility to get missed work.  Students are allowed one day per missed day to make up missing assignments, unless extenuating circumstances necessitate additional time (and this is approved by the teacher). 


Course ObjectivesThis course prepares students to show proficiency on the state mandated End-of-Course exam (EOC).  At the end of this course, students will take the Florida Standards Assessment (FSA) End-of-Course exam.  The score on this exam will count for 30% of the student’s final grade in this course.  Detailed information, standards, test item specifications, and a training test can be found at the website


Extra help:  There are several resources that can help students who need additional help.  Students have access to Math Nation, which is a wonderful program that follows the curriculum that we are covering in class.  Khan Academy is another great resource—if they simply google the topic they need help with, they will easily find Khan Academy videos.  Students may also request after school help with the teacher if they are struggling.

Covid-19 Classroom Implementations:  Students will be assigned seats and distanced between 4 and 6 feet apart with plexiglass shields between them. Students are required to wear their masks for the entire class period. There will be a sanitation station set up in the room for students to sanitize hands before and after coming into the classroom. Each student needs to be prepared with their own supplies for class, as there will be no shared supplies. Technology and desks will be sanitized daily. Students that are unable to adhere to the above guidelines can be considered for the innovative classroom option. It is imperative that we enforce these guidelines to help keep students and faculty safe and healthy.

Innovative Learning Students:  Sign into Zoom meeting at designated scheduled class times. Attendance will be taken every class period. Students will need to be present on video in their Ivy Hawn uniform. Each student needs a distraction free work space and must be the only one present and communicating during class time. Parents can schedule a meeting at a different time to ask questions or for conferences via email or Remind. Phones, game systems, and devices other than the computer used for class are prohibited during class time. Students are required to follow the same rules as an in-school student. Disciplinary action will be taken for offenses. Keep in mind that some offenses could lead directly to a referral or withdrawal from the innovative course. Classes will be structured based on individual teacher preference. All assignments will be posted on Classroom Connect. To sign in to Edgenuity, go to and your username is your alpha code and your password is your 8-digit birthday (or 7-digit if month is 1 digit).